Zebra Adventures

created to bring women into a spacious place of rediscovery, adventure, strength and indulgence

Zebra Adventures offers boutique tours for women in their 40’s, 50’s & 60’s who want to discover new destinations with added finesse and attention to detail.

About Us

It is our passion to see women recharge, rediscover and reconnect with themselves while travelling to new destinations. As women we sometimes forget our dreams and passions – life happens. Our heart is for women to realise their worth and grow in their authority.

Experience new cultures and local cuisine while adding a bit of adventure to remind yourself what a capable woman you are, all in a relaxed and pampered environment.

At Zebra Adventures we love seeing friendships form and women connecting on our tours, while we make your time away from home an unbelievable experience.

For every tour Zebra Adventures bring to South Africa, we will make a donation to help fight violence and exploitation of women and children.

As women we are perfectly poised in our feminine strength – Zebra Adventures celebrates this balance between the tender and the powerful facets of womanhood.

Why Choose Us

Destinations should be tangibly experienced and indelibly absorbed into our memories, not just visited. Whether you are a well-travelled jet-setter, a driven career woman, a stay-at-home mum, retired, single, married or divorced, invest in yourself with a Zebra Adventure of a lifetime!

Here are the reasons why you should travel with us:

  • Planned to the last detail. Our tours are meticulously planned and offer a full service, giving you everything you could ever want from your holiday and more. Adventures created for women by women.
  • Small and intimate. Our tours consist of groups of up to 13 women.
  • Comfortable and luxurious tours. A touch of class and finesse with attention to detail.
  • Quality and service. We will look after all your needs 24/7. Prior to your tour, Zebra Adventures will answer all your questions. Together with your Team Leader, our local registered Guide’s wine expertise and rich cultural knowledge will make your tour a memorable one.
  • Packing and “to do” lists to help you prepare.
  • Leaving more than footprints. By travelling with Zebra Adventures, Zebra Stripes will support local causes helping women in need.
  • We offer tailor-made family and corporate tours. Please contact us for more detail.
  • We are dedicated to actively supporting conservation efforts in South Africa.

Zebra Adventures is not just a tour operator, we believe in the immeasurable value of every woman.

‘Life is too short to be obsessed with things we cannot change – earn your stripes. Lift your head and start loving yourself. Give yourself credit where credit is due. You can do anything you put your mind to. You are capable and built for greatness.’

Janettie Wucherpfennig – Founder

For that reason, we want to invite you to leave your cares behind and let us take care of you. We know that life expects so much of us as women; our desire is for you to reconnect, rediscover and recharge while creating a space for you to be you again!

Why The Zebra

They are not only beautiful to look at but their stripes have inspired many designers across the world. Every stripe of every zebra is different and that is exactly what I like about them, they are unique in every way just like we are as humans – different and special in our own way. I like a bit of bling and when I played with the idea of starting Zebra Adventures, I just knew that the zebra is key, as a bunch of zebras are called a dazzle – and who doesn’t like a bit of dazzle!

But the zebra has a more personal connection to me. I’m referred to as a zebra in medical terms. It has been a very personal journey for me. Just like Frank from Zebra at Altitude was the logo for my first adventure, so, it was only right to create Franklyn for my new adventure with Zebra Adventures.

South Africa

13 Day Culinary, Cultural & Adventure Tour

South Africa

13 Days

Half Board +


10 Spaces per Tour

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